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, and this is our opportunity to do it. mr. chairman, you have worked with me on your bill making many changes at my request. they have made the bill better and reduced the negative side effects of previous versions. i trust you think so as well because you have included the changes in the new bill. the new bill in your substitute amendment also included a revised bill by senators gillibrand and kirk on the subject of gun trafficking. those revisions also reflect changes that i asked senator gillibrand to make, and i think it would be worthwhile to outline all the changes that have been made to the bill since they were first introduced. i think they demonstrate good faith of the chairman and senator gillibrand. for instance, senator gillibrand's bill originally would have made it a federal crime to transfer two or more guns if that person knew that the result would be a violation of state or local law. that would have given states and localities a one-way incentive to address new gun control measures and force the cost of prosecution and incarceration on the federal government. it also would have cr
change as well. at the same time, there are 130,000 married same-sex couples in the united states today who doma says requires the federal government to treat those 130,000 married same-sex couples as unmarried in each of those federal context. that is what caused what happened to edie to happen, that she was treated as on married -- unmarried although she spent 40 years with the woman who became her spouse. they spent time together, good times and bad, in sickness and health, just like any married couple, and for the federal government to pretend there marriage does not exist is unfair, un-american, and unconstitutional. >> hi. i am donna lieberman, the executive director of the american civil liberties union. i am proud to stand here today as part of team edie windsor. my state, the state of new york, respects the right of all couples, straight or gay, to marry. so long as doma is on the books, these marriages are not truly equal. the federal government treats new york's lesbian and gay families as though they do not exist. it is time to put any end to doma and the 2-tiered system of
. the substitute also incorporates a number of changes, the result of suggestions from senator grassley and his staff. we have been working on this since january. tried to be responsive to the ranking member's concerns and suggestions, and have reached across the aisle to other senators. as an a.t.f. whistleblower, senator grassley has been the lead senator in whistleblower legislation, was an a.t.f. whistleblower, who testified last congress that the existing laws are toothless and they can't help law enforcement, and that's why law enforcement consistently has called for firearms trafficking statute that can be effective and go after straw purchasers. we need now is to create better law enforcement tools. and i think this will -- the senators can join together on this will close a very dangerous loophole in the law that mexican drug cartels and gangs and other criminals have exploited for too long. stop illegal trafficking. the firearms act is important. this week the "usa today" ran a front page story about a study that estimates gun violence costs americans $12 billion, $12 billion a year.
it ability development -- capability development, a, have you seen any glimpse of possible change in the decision-making and will of the leadership that will decide whether or not they will comply in any sense at all with requests made by the global community, and b, are there concerns relative to the cooperation between north korea and iran relative to holistic missile technology and other aspects that might give iran -- modify the timetable for the ability to get this capability? >> for the first part of your question at the second part for the relationship between north korea and iran, that might be better addressed in closed session. clearly the sanctions have had profound impact on iran's economy. by any measure, whether it is inflation are unemployment availability, commodities, etc. that situation is getting worse. at the same time, these publicly, overtly change in iranian leadership, the supreme leader's approach, we can go into perhaps more detail our discussion in it closed -- in a close setting for some indications that might be of interest to you. i will let it go at
we should adhere to the basic state policy of a family winning response to changing and the size of china's total population. we should solve problems relating to size, health, structure, and geographical distribution of the population and promote long-term population developments. that will produce and protect the rights we should make changes in social management and improve the way government provide social services and strengthen the services at community levels and improve self governance by villages to ensure that people directly exercise their democratic rights in accordance with below by managing community level public affairs and running public-service programs. we should reform the management system for social organization and guide orderly development. we should establish a sound mechanism for safeguarding people's rights and interests, ofrove the integrated system mediation system by the people and traditional mediation. we should carry out reform of the handling of people's complaints about legal and litigation-related issues. should maintain open and regular channel
the changes that would be put on society by redefining a fundamental institution like marriage. think is something that both sides agree on. so thank you very much for you questions. >> from this morning at the supreme court supreme courters -- supreme court spurters, which amended the state's constitution to recognize marriage between a man and woman. today, before the supreme court the justices heard an hour and 20 minutes of debate on that case. the first of two cases dealing with same-sex marriage. here on c-span we're going to open up our phone lines to find out your thoughts on this case and more broadly on thish yufe same-sex marriage. if you support same-sex marriage or if you oppose it, the numbers are on your screen. make sure you mute your television when you call in. you can also get us on twitter. we'll check with the tweets this evening as well. the second case is coming up tomorrow around 10:00 a.m. before the supreme court but we'll get the oral argument to u and on the air here at c-span about 2:00 p.m. eastern. it will be longer than today's case. the case tomorrow i
families deserve equal protection under the law. our families have changed this debate and changed people's hearts. president obama mama when standing up for marriage equality, said that one of the things that help changed his mind was his own two doctors talking about their classmates who have two moms or two dads. no big deal, right? except that it is a huge deal. the right to marry the one we love matters more than those nine justices would ever understand. so, let's be strong and keep our eye on the prize. we can persevere in this struggle no matter what the supreme court decides in a couple of months because we know how this is going to end, don't we? it'll end with our full acceptance and inclusion into the life and citizenship of this nation. and even the conservatives, those out there making all that noise, even they know it. and all were arguing about now is timing. but time, time is important because we still have lgbt kids hanging themselves and jumping off of bridges. friendsght, tell your and families where you were today and why. if you have a partner, snuggle especially clo
states, it's such a dramatic change that you would think we would want to have a full airing of a debate over this. mr. lee: would the senator from kentucky yield for a question? mr. paul: i yield -- i will not yield the floor but i will allow you to make comments. mr. lee: if you will yield for a question, i would just ask whether you are aware of an exchange that some members of the senate judiciary committee had with attorney general holder this morning on this subject? mr. paul: yes. mr. lee: and were you aware of the fact that somef us asked attorney general holder for a more robust analysis, that provided in a series of memoranda authored by the office of legal counsel, the u.s. department of justice's chief advisory body, and the fact that so far the department of jtice has declined to make those availae to members of the judiciary committee. mr. paul: yes, i'm aware of that. in fact, i think we have the transcript of some of the conversation from this morning. mr. lee: if i can supplement that question just by describing what i encountered in connection with that, i expressed fru
. there will be hard choices along the way. air of the states must adapt to a world that has changed -- air states must adapt to a world that has changed. now is the time for the arab world to take steps toward normalizing relations with israel. [applause] palestinians must recognize that israel will be a jewish state and that israelis have the right to secure their security. [applause] israelis must recognize that an independent palestine must be pliable with real borders that need to be drawn. [applause] i have suggested principles on territories and security i believe can be the basis for these talks. , put aside the plans and the process. i ask you to think about what can be done to build trust between two people. four years ago, i stood in cairo in front of an audience of young people. they must seem a world away, but the things that they want are not so different from what the young people here want. makewant the ability to their own decisions and get a good job and worship god in their own way and to get married and raise a family. the same is true of those young palestinians and met this mornin
loving and committed gay couples should be excluded from marriage so they try to change the subject and hope you will spend the rest of your time talking about polygamy or whatever. but the really important point to understand is that gay people are not saying, let's have no rules let's do anything and anybody can do anything. they are saying let us have what you have. just as you have the freedom to marry the person who is precious to you, whom you are building a life with, so should we. churches, religions, synagogues, temples, mosques -- they are free to do what they want to do. they should not be dictating to the government who gets that marriage license and excluding gay people from this opportunity to take that commitment in law to match the commitment in life that they are making. >> in some ways this is actually a tremendous success for an tribute to the argument that opponents of a social conservative worldview have made the past several years. there was a debate in this country in the 1960s and 1970s, is marriage a good thing? is a good for people to make a lifelong commit
on anything, period. >> in the c.r. next month, changing the way the cuts are being implemented? >> yes, we're open to any reasonable approach. yes. but remember, we cannot solve the problems of this country with cuts, cuts, cuts. we cut $2.6 trillion. we need to do more but we're going to do it in a balanced approach. we cannot continue to hurt the middle-class and the poor. >> you said that revenues is part of the -- are you going insist on riches as part of the c.r. talks? -- revenues as part of the c.r. talks? >> we have to wait to see what the house sends us. we'll wait to see what they send us. we have had different proposals from them, even this week. is it going to be a straight c.r.? it is going to be defense and veterans in it? we don't know. we'll wait to see what they send us and we'll work on it. >> can you understand the frustration of the american people that you're blaming the republicans and the republicans are blaming you? nobody is talking until the day it kicks. >> i read today that the writers the republicans aren't willing to deal with the democrats. all this stuff, de
the changes. the affordable care act, an annual well-person visit to the doctor. so critically important. why? what's your blood pressure? how's your sugar? what is happening in your life? can we prevent you from getting diabetes? can we get you cheap pills to have your blood pressure go down r you get a stroke and pay big time. the affordable care act has the incentives to bend the cost curve and it is working. ms. norton: it's working and because it's working, we know that the last thing the american people would approve snatching it back since by 2014, it's going to reach everybody. i agree with you, there are ways to cut. and unlike my friends on the other side, this side has never said no cuts, just like -- their view is only spending -- we have never had that view. only this or that. we only are open to the kind of negotiation, tough negotiation it's going to take to come out with something. i will say to the ryan budget, if he says he was questioned about, do you think any of this is going to happen? and he said words to the effect, you have to put down words what they really want. i d
noted, we need to change assad's calculations because he still thinks he can win militarily. therefore, we are working with our partners to strengthen the opposition and to change the balance on the ground to help give the opposition the leverage they need to negotiate and to change his calculations. let me note here that the election of the prime minister for the coalition is a step forward. we look forward to working with him in the weeks ahead. we look forward to working with the congress as we seek to support the needs of the syrian people in their struggle to create a free, stable, and democratic syria. thank you. >> good morning chairman royce, ranking members, and members of this committee. this you for hosting hearing today. i am pleased to be able to appear before the committee with my colleagues. our offices work closely together to provide humanitarian aid to those affected by the violence in syria. the two-year anniversary coincides with another dark milestone. over one million refugees have fled syria. half of that number arrived in the last two months. i would like to sha
. -- -- opposed, nay. approved. i have a terrible time with the change my husband racks around in his pockets. i cannot imagine more of it. [laughter] >> in light of your fervent opposition -- [laughter] i would withdraw my amendment because i think i would have a better chance with the banking committee. >> without objection, the amendment is withdrawn. that moves us to senator portman. >> are we on medical malpractice? this state's $62 billion on the congressional budget office report. madame chair, i would encourage a vote on this. i think it might give us the opportunity to work on something if it goes to the floor if we were to have a vote today. >> i oppose this amendment. if there is no objection, say aye. opposed, nay. it is not agreed to. you have another amendment. >> recall earlier there was an amendment regarding our federal training program. i would ask to rid drop -- withdraw that amendment and the offer an amendment intended to improve access, enhance outcomes, with job training and reemployment programs. this is something i believe i worked out with you and your staff. >> there i
overhead, better outcome, lower prices. the only change i want to make is to change the eligibility of medicare into birth. us all get on it and we will have a real system. >> i will not answer that. have you been to the dmv lately? >> when secretary of state hillary clinton appeared before the senate hearing on benghazi, here's what she said -- dead americans. is it because of a protest or because guys would kill some americans? what difference does it make? is herlast question question -- what difference does it make? >> we know americans were killed and their deaths must be avenged. when our embassies and consulates and 11 places were attacked by terrorists in the list administration, none of you said boo. and yemen, all around the world. republicans voted against spending the money to harden those authorities and make them safe. if you are upset about what happened in benghazi, i suggest republicans look in the mirror. >> it is bush's fault. we have not a single perpetrator in custody despite the fact there were security cameras. why is that? it is hard to bring them to justice
are left behind, then don't change anything. continue higher taxes, more stimulus spend, borrowing every dollar it seems that we spend, leave the president's health care law in place, put new regulations on main street. and this is what will get -- what we'll get more of. family will continue to fall further and further behind. families who are looking for a job, who either drop out completely an give up working, or they're forced onto food stamps. families that watched wall street grow wealthier as they gain, what, $10 a month in their paycheck? the republican budget changes the course of not just our financial position of the country, it changes the course of our economy. adding immediately 1% growth, closing that growth gap here in this first year. arding more income, $1,500 to a family. over the next 10 years, doing dramatically more, both for families to come. that's what the republican budget is about, about chaining the growth gap, closing it, giving our families a fighting chance again. i reserve the balance of my time. the chair: the gentleman reserves. the gentlelady from new y
high and the iranian influence way low, and now the balance has completely changed. people think the u.s. has much more influence and is not wielding the influence it could have. people ask, why does the u.s. not do more to contain some of maliki's worst instincts? why why do they not do a better job balancing the different communities within iraq? and you can ask a follow-up question. >> how should the united states be doing that, and then i would love to hear from the others. how do you all believe the united states should be read calibrating its relationship -- re-calibrating its relationship, and to build on the point, if the natural allies of the united states are those that believe in more secular government, how do you do so in a zero sum nature of iraqi politics without further worsening relationship with maliki? >> i think people believe the u.s. bet on maliki in 2010. rather than long-term investments, it was seen as maliki is the guy. but the long term interest is for iraq to be more democratic. it is never going to be a liberal democracy in the gulf. but as the ambassador
lonesome here. he is a celebrity. i do not think journalism has changed. i think what we all need to do is stop pandering on it so much. get back to business. he is interested in these stories. i'm not interested in chasing his stories, but i am glad he is not chasing my stories. i want to make sure that my guys are playing the same discipline to the stories that we are chasing that his folks are applying to the stories that they are chasing. >> journalists say, i am under pressure to be on facebook and twitter. >> it somehow did not get in a lot of people's ways. mark might be the most prolific tweeter on the face of the planet, but he is also the most formidable, white house correspondent there is. if you are looking for a reason to bitch and moan, i had to tweet today and could not get the story, but honestly, it is 140 characters. let's be serious. your question was about 940 characters. it cannot be that hard. [laughter] >> fair enough. >> no offense. >> none taken. >> your network seems to be under incredible pressure. >> look -- >> how do they do it? >> figure it out. caness they
to clarify law, change a law, do whatever a constitutional legislative body does. i would just ask you to take a look at this. we have now -- i just got a note. it has been release now because it was leaked first. so -- [chuckles] >> that is one way of getting it out. >> i think that gives you an idea of the situation we are in from an intelligence point of view, it is vital. committees. let's say that predator is taken out of the jurisdiction of intelligence and put in the military. that transfers the jurisdiction to armed forces. let's say it is used in some way that brings the jurisdiction to this committee. i think we now have to look at that arena and make some decisions as to the administration being more forthcoming with the legal advice that underpins lawmaking. >> yes. >> please don't. would you agree. -- agree? >> the president has heard you and others who are raised this concern on both sides of the aisle. i think what you will hear from the president in a short period of time -- we have talked about a need for greater transparency in what we share, what we talk about. becau
to change the course of our nation. we have a responsibility to avoid the debt crisis that the chairman has said and to move forward with a prosperous future. common sense and math tell us that balancing a budget requires two things -- cutting spending and economic growth. the tax code today is nearly 4 million words long and about 60% of our taxpayers need to hire professionals to help them prepare their returns. every year americans spent 6 million hours and a lot of money filling out their returns. clearly something is wrong. our budget reaffirms that the ways and means committee will pass comprehensive, progrowth legislation this year. this budget builds on bipartisan consensus in favor of lowering the rates to create jobs and broadening the base to ensure fairness and simplicity for our families. the purpose of tax reform is not to take more money from our families to spend more money in washington. it is to create jobs and to increase the wages for working families. i look forward to working with budget members and also the ways and means committee to examine comprehensive tax reform
. their question to me is, are we ever going to see another dime of that money? the priorities in life have changed. they are beginning to think long term. when we hear these attacks on those of us who want to step forward and do what is necessary to stabilize, save, and to extend the program, we have to wonder how credible those are when there is no credible alternative on how you would go about stabilizing. i thank you for the work you have done on this and requiring the president to work together with congress to forge a solution on social security and to realize we have to take into account our current seniors, and our future participants in the medicare and social security programs. i yield back the balance of my time. >> thank you. i yield two minutes to the gym the gym -- gentlman from mississippi. >> that is what a new member does. thank you. two decades ago, i lost my job in a corporate merger. after a couple of days of moping around and feeling sorry for myself, my wife and i got up one morning and we sat around the kitchen table. we took out a sheet of notebook paper and on one side, we
in the door. i assume he is one minute away. it will much change the vote. we will allow him to vote when he comes in. the clerk will report the votes. >> chairman murray, there are ten yeas and 11 nays. the amendment fails. we will move to the third amendment by senator warner. >> this one also fits the wicker rule. we are working together try to bring more financial transparency. this is sunshine week. to eliminate the financial systems in dot alone. it is a way to avoid future points and have a common definition is around the financial tools we debate here. >> senator sessions, is there a need for a vote on this one? >> not that i know, unless any of our members object. >> i would ask for eight voice vote. all those in favor say aye. oppose nay. the amendment passes. we will move to senator ayotte. >> thank you. prohibit the consideration of a budget resolution that includes tax increases while the unemployment rate is about 5.5%. our current rate is 7.7%. many of us on both sides of the aisle have talked about how this does not account for the full number of americans out of work. this a
an update on that train. in this area. tomade changes to that end my understanding, those changes have been adopted. training meets the appropriate standards. if you have instances that you have heard that is not accurate, i would appreciate knowing it but i have not heard of any such instances. i believe that other entities emulated what we have done in terms of assuring the validity of our training materials curry >> they may have hired contractors to do the training. step to be a serious ensure they follow the rules. >> included a review of any contractors utilizing our allrials to assure that live up to our standards. >> i appreciate that. i'm going to go back to mr. serrano because he was cut off. i cannot know if anyone has asked -- i do not know if anyone has asked, do you still have a programmer you take a new agents to the holocaust museum? >> yes. by predecessor initiated -- theredecessor initiated training to have the new agent exposed to the holocaust museum so they know and understand what happened in a renegade law enforcement entity. and understand that the heart of the burea
you see has not change the way we think about it or view it. would youritation members support? >> i think the limitations are the ones we currently have identified through the study of case law that has occurred until this time. >> it seems to me there should be an important distinction probable cause, substantial evidence to be guilty of a crime. law enforcement has always had extensive tools for operating in that environment. the collection of the data concerning ordinary citizens. you overlay the availability of drones with the proliferation such as stationary cameras -- my hometown of houston recently voted to take down red light cameras. havenk a great many of us very deep concerns about the government collecting .nformation on the citizenry with the ease and availability of drones i think there is a real concern the day-to-day conduct of american citizens going about their business might be monitored, catalog and recorded by the federal government. i would have very deep concerns about that. question, do you share those concerns? if so, what reasonable limitations should be co
. it is not so obvious that much has changed in terms of the learning, has its? >> that is yet to be seen. ultimately you can make the argument that what we learned from the wars in both iraq and afghanistan will be as important as the outcome of those wars. we do we learn these lessons every time we go to war. the question is, will we be at all to understand these lessons and apply them to how we structure our national defense and how we prepare our civilian and military leaders to deal with future threats to national and international security. i think remains to be seen. there are some major impediments to us learn these lessons. theof those impediments is tendency in the conventional wisdom to view these wars dismissively as wars of choice or aberrations. unless you are going to say that future policy makers will make perfect policy decisions in the future based on your perfect foresight or understanding of the situation at the outset, then we obviously have to be prepared. these are determined enemies in very complicated and burns. the other impediment is just defining -- one of the
is in store for us in the future. women are calling a halt to all of this. we have to change this environment. we have to take these cuts and they get home at the kitchen table of our families, where in many cases women are single- parent homes, and it is not only bad for them, but for our economy. i have said earlier, i was just saying sequestration equals unemployment. i am proud of congresswomen velazquez's committee. louise slaughter of the rules committee has been such a leader on these issues. we talked about that chair of the science and technology committee, the list goes on of leadership. and one of the ranking members of this very important exclusive committee in the house, maxine waters will report to us on the testimony in her committee yesterday. this is about the economy. we talked specifically out about how it affects people and women in particular, but could you tell us what came from your committee yesterday. >> certainly. thank you very much, leader pelosi. i find that we appear to be coming to this room more and more as women, as you lead us in addressing many of the issues
responsible about climate change denial or pursuing tax and energy policies that maximize profits for big oil while pushing the costs off on children and future generations. i don't the balance of my time. -- yield the balance of my time. >> thank you. we should talk about ways we can do a better job. i yield 10 minutes. >> i yield myself to and a half minutes. the highest priority for democrats on this committee since we inherited this economic crisis that is creating jobs -- last month we got good news. the economy created 36,000 jobs in february. none of limit rate drop to 7.7%. the lowest since 2008. -- the unemployment rate dropped to 7.7%. that is the lowest since 2008. can we please put the slide on the monitors? there you have it. the unemployment rate what it could be and should be. it has been the story of our recovery. what are the consequences of not having enough police, firefighters? teachers? as you can see from this slide on the monitor, according to the household survey, there are 950,000 fewer people employed by state, local, and local governments -- federal governments sinc
about any changes to existing authorities that you believe would help you be more effective in these areas. our special operations personnel and their families continue to face the highest operational tempo in their history. i understand they have documented the negative impact of these repeated, high-stress deployments, including an increase in marital problems, substance abuse and suicides. and now has a standing task force dedicated to helping special operators and their families deal with these issues. admiral, the committee would appreciate your assessment on the state of your forces and the adequacy of the support provided by the military services to address the unique challenges in the special operations community. >> thank you, mr. chairman. mr. chairman, a lot of the things you covered i was going to, so i'll just paraphrase some of the concerns. first of all, i appreciated the opportunity to meet with both of you and also appreciate your long years of service. but i think you'd have to agree, as we discussed, you probably have not faced a situation that you're faci
with once, seen and unseen. war changes everyone who has experienced it first hand. in some cases, the changes are positive. many returned home with greater resilience, a former sense of purpose, and a keener awareness of the blessings of life. others, however,, -- come home scarred and would it. this group includes those with physical scars and wounds. it includes those with the unseen wounds, posttraumatic stress and other mental challenges that can lead some our veterans into a spiral of hopelessness that contributes to a suicide rate that remains far too high. regardless of the injury we must provide the assistance that is needed by those who have been wounded waging our country's wars. third, i believe our country must help our veterans transition successfully to the civilian world. doing so will help enable those who have served to continue to be all they can be in the next chapter of their life's journey. such efforts will not only strengthen our veterans, there will also strengthen our country. some veterans make the transition relatively seamlessly. they begin applying th
. this bill entirely skip the regular process. members are supposed to have an opportunity to propose changes. this was written by house republicans in the back room somewhere. now we're sending it directly to the floor. in order to give members of the house a chance to improve -- to approve the bill on the floor, i am asking the members of the house to support a role on the floor. this bill picks winners and losers and makes many changes in current law. it is 269 pages long. it is a long bill. we know this bill helps the pentagon cope with the cuts from sequester. i did not have any problem with that, but there is no reason why it cannot give the same help to all the other agencies that enforce our laws, keep the food supply safe and helps farmers and small businesses and keep the air and water clean. in addition, this bill, the way it is written ensures a lot of people who are poor will suffer even worse consequences as a result of poverty. i think that is just wrong. if we have an open rule, we can do something about that. i urge my colleagues to vote yes. >> can i be heard on this amendme
, because the fbi has changed over time. of ways of number resolving a particular case. one may be imprisonment and one may be deportation. house arrest. there are a number of particular dispositions. my concern is, as we go through the next three years that the american public, congress, the administration understand that the fbi has to change with the prospects and -- change with the beings and that means able. we have to prioritize and make certain that we prioritize our largest threats, whether it be mortgage fraud or fraud on wall street or public corruption or civil-rights abuses and make certain that we prioritize and make sure we are focused on the greatest threats to the american public and then to the extent toere is a determination as what the ultimate resolution is, that's up to the judge's. >> thank you. i appreciate his question. what we're going to do is introduce a bill and i will ask your comments on it, after the recess. it will be bipartisan, it will be the two of us, to set up a national commission made up of expertsrison particularly in the state's, many of
. this amendment will change the resolution to include language supporting the work of the new consumer financial protection bureau and its financial structure. criticallywork is important in the aftermath of the financial crisis. we need to protect investors, consumers and guard against the problems that helped send our economy into the deepest recession in generations. d cfpb is proving it is up to this important task -- the cfpb is proving it is up to this important task. that is more than the bureau's entire annual budget. 6 million americans have received a refund based on these actions appeared the american people have declared to their actions that they support the bureau in its mission. mortgages, credit cards, protestant loans, checking accounts and credit reporting agencies -- they are taking steps to issue rules to rein in the mortgage industry. an ability to repay will to protect consumers from irresponsible lenders, establishing strong protections for homeowners facing foreclosures and the rule preventing lenders from steering consumers into risky mortgages. your colleagues in the se
decision. >> that's right. >> and don't you think it's more reasonable to view it as a change by the california supreme court of this institution that's been around since time immemorial? >> the california supreme court, like this supreme court, decides what the law is. the california supreme court decided that the equal protection and due process clauses of that california constitution did not permit excluding gays and lesbians from the right to get married -- >> you -- you've led me right into a question i was going to ask. the california supreme court decides what the law is. that's what we decide, right? we don't prescribe law for the future. we -- we decide what the law is. i'm curious, when -- when did -- when did it become unconstitutional to exclude homosexual couples from marriage? 1791? 1868, when the fourteenth amendment was adopted? sometimes -- some time after baker, where we said it didn't even raise a substantial federal question? when -- when -- when did the law become this? >> when -- may i answer this in the form of a rhetorical question? when did it become u
, all of these tax changes would result in $1 trillion in deficit reduction and they would stabilize our nation's finances over the next decade in a balanced way. the president has also proposed a temporary growth initiative of investing $50 billion towards fixing our nation's roads to support recovery in the near term. research has found that spending on maintenance of existing infrastructure has a very high return. in addition, it will help to put construction workers back to work right away. pursuing a growth agenda today is important because as we saw in the 1990's and as many countries are learning the hard way today, nothing restores fiscal balance faster than economic growth to which everyone can contribute and from which everyone can benefit. you could see from the next slide that the president's plan would reduce the deficit below that 3% of g.d.p. threshold and keep it there through the end of the next decade. counting saved interest spending on the outlay side. the $2 1/2 trillion in deficit reduction that president obama has already signed into law is comprised of nearly if t
ahead as congress considers ways to make fair and effective changes to america's immigration system, these same principles must guide our efforts to strengthen our borders. they must continue to inform our actions as we adjudicate immigration cases, and force existing law and hold accountable lawyers -- accountable those who employ illegal workers. i must note that our ability to complete this work and continue building upon the progress i have outlined will be hampered unless congress adopts a balanced deficit-reduction plan that ends the reductions that last week said in a motion to $1.6 billion of the department's budget. these cuts are already having a significant negative impact on employees and programs that directly impact the safety of americans across the country. our capacity to respond to crimes, investigate wrongdoing, has been reduced. despite our best efforts to limit the impact of sequestration, unless congress quickly pass a balanced deficit- reduction plan, the effects of these cuts may be profound. i urged congressional leaders to act swiftly to keep our citizens s
. this includes someone i recently talked to. ashley, a sacramento resident who knew, had to make changes in her life when she became a mother. thanks to head start, her daughter received nutritious meals and early education, and ashley was able to finish her education while also working. sequestration will force cuts to the women, infants, and children's program. wic connects low-income women with services, parental care to healthy food options. wic is a helping hand to women who needed the most. i have seen the lines of wic. there are two wic programs in my district. these are not cuts that we can afford at all. i stand here with my colleagues today to urge the majority to work with us to prevent them. that is my pleasure to introduce a good friend of mine, donna edwards from maryland. >> thank you bringing us all here together to focus our attention on how these harsh and arbitrary, across-the-board budget cuts will harm millions of women across the country. here today, after months of failure to pass a violence against women act, a bipartisan act, it is quite the irony that later on today th
don't think it changes the subjective purpose of why they brought the dog with them. >> why is that an implied consent? that's a huge assumption. at least in the cities that i've lived in, you have to have a dog on a leash. and you don't give implied consent. if you're allergic to animals, you don't want dogs walking around at your door. >> well, you can certainly put the "no dogs allowed" sign out front. and there, there would not be implied consent. >> no, no, no. but tell me why that you presume that there's implied consent? >> well, we start with the proposition that >> do you think homeowners freely let dogs just come into their apartment? i mean, there might be some homes that do. >> well, certainly not in the apartment, your honor. this search took place, the dog walked up the same way that a salesman would and alerted at the front of the door. he didn't go in >> so we're going to treat it like a human being now? you're invited to knock on my door because you're a dog? >> no, i think -- and certainly this is true in my neighborhood, your honor, is neighbors can bring
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